Frequently Asked Questions

Which means consigning 0.5% of the IRS in favor of AIREV?
All of the taxes we pay is intended to finance State expenditure, not decided directly where they are applied. The only existing exception is the possibility of allocating 0.5% of IRS to a particular private institution of social solidarity, such as the AIREV. This percentage is taken from the total that the liquid state, and not the tax that should you be returned if there is place refund.

Is there any cost to me by consigning 0.5% of the IRS AIREV?
There is no charge for devoting 0.5% of the IRS to AIREV. It is a value that is taken from the tax paid to the state.

How can I allocate 0.5% of my IRS to AIREV?
Is easy. When you fill out your tax return (paper or online) must put in Table 11 Model 3 a cross in "Private Institutions of Social S. ..." and enter the NIF of AIREV - 504,874,683 and put an X in IRS.

What's in the assignment of 0.5% of the IRS AIREV?
On the one hand, the possibility to decide the fate of part of their taxes, on the other, allow the AIREV will continue its projects to encourage improvements in the quality of life of people with severe or profound disabilities. The more people help us through this medium, the greater the number of people with disabilities who may have a happier life! For more information contact us at +351 253 565 948.