Private Institution of Social Solidarity

With a mission to encourage the continuous improvement of quality of life of the disabled, their families and the community, AIREV, since january of 2003, supports more than a hundred children, youth and adults.

The institution provides is users with the best conditions of comfort and well-being

  • With the objective of improving the quality of life of young people with disabilities and their families, AIREV provide the following services: Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, Physiotherapy, Nursing, General Medicine, Dentistry and Nutrition.

  • Knowing that sports offer many health benefits, the AIREV offers its young and adults a wide range of options. Swimming, Boccia, Dancing, Gym, Futsal, Basketball, Skating, Kickboxing and Surf are the many available options.

  • Specialized in each area, AIREV technicians respond to the needs of each young by establishing rehabilitation strategies and using anifold of therapies such as Snoezelen, Music Therapy, Therapeutic Riding, Hydrotherapy, Spa Therapy, Psychomotor, Psychomotor in Water and Laughter Therapy.

AIREV Projects

Why fill life with projects if we do not put a good dose of love
in all of them? The AIREV believes it is only possible to achieve the desired goal
if love is the main ingredient. When there is love, there are happy endings.

Love Marks

Designed to think of really unique and special occasions, Mark pieces of love distinguished by uniqueness and subtlety characteristic of the feminine touch.

The "Bolachudo"

With love as the main ingredient, the cakes of The "Bolachudo" will leave you with an incredible feeling of satisfaction and hunger for more.

Enjoying the Seaside

Each year our young enjoy two weeks at the beach. The sun and sea make the delight of many who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy a well deserved holiday.

"Feel like me"

The project "Feel like me" as created in order to raise awareness of the difficulties that people with disabilities endure every day, as well as to inform alternatives and the means for autonomy and inclusion of persons with disabilities.


In order to unite generations, AIREV in partnership with other institutions performs multi-generational gatherings. The activities vary depending on the interests of the guests.

Out the door Garden

In this project we are provided different activities aimed to the creation of new sensations and learning. Is also a goal to promote social inclusion and community involvement.

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour project aims to promote inclusion, social involvement, training skills, and dissemination of the workshop products "Bolachudo" where our young people have a key role. Partners are invited to take benefit of this "service".


As part of the Master in Marketing and Design, Bernardete Soares and Meire Santos, students of the University of Minho, Azurém, created the Inclusion and "Criativação" project to reuse waste of leather of the footwear industry. The young adults of AIREV have a leading role in the creation and sew of leather pieces.

From the Heart

Characterized by the use of genuine leather, the heart is a brand that stands out for the touch of love that young AIREV puts into each piece.


The creation of this annual magazine is based on the will to present to the community,
disclose your area of social intervention, to publish the developed activities,
as well as relevant events for the institution.

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Members of the board

2019-2022 Term


António Alberto Oliveira Machado de Faria

First Secretary
Flávio Manuel Lima Fernandes Faria

Second Secretary
Sara Marisa Ferreira da Costa Santos


Pedro Miguel dos Santos Ribeiro

Vice President
Moisés Manuel Oliveira e Cunha

Maria Fernanda Gomes Ribeiro de Freitas

Fernando Manuel Pedrosa Rocha

Ana Sofia Freitas de Sousa


First Substitute
Jaqueline Maria Oliveira da Silva Costa

Second Substitute
Djanira Pinto Lopes


António Pedro Freitas Faria

First Vowel
Francisco de Sousa Ribeiro

Second Vowel
José Manuel Pinheiro Couto

Paula Maria da Cunha Faria
Maria Lúcia Pinto Alves
Joaquim Manuel Martins Abreu